ASE Seminars LLC

About ASE Seminars

Joshua Swart, Dipl. Ac. Founder ASE Seminars LLC

ASE Seminars LLC has one goal – to provide clinical skills you can use right away.

We teach acupuncture and dry needling from instructors who are practitioners and use the same skills they teach in their clinic every day.

The ability to wield a needle as a therapeutic tool is best taught by practitioners whose education in needling is extensive, who have thousands of patient visits under their belts, and whose practices focus on acupuncture and dry needling. It is through this that ASE Seminars provides the best, most clinically applicable acupuncture and dry needling education available today.

I am fortunate to work with a select group of practitioners who share my values of providing the most clinically useful continuing education possible, along with a passion for teaching and a desire to help other practitioners find success. Our classes have helped thousands of practitioners get outstanding results and grow their practices. If you would also like to the be the best at treating MSK and pain with acupuncture or dry needling, you will find the skills you need at ASE Seminars LLC.

Why ASE Seminars?

As a practitioner, you are too busy to take continuing education that is overly complicated, convoluted, or includes extensive theory without clinical backing. That’s why our classes only provide you with what you absolutely need to be successful in treating MSK and pain, including treatment skills and practice management. All of the instructors at ASE Seminars have extensive education and experience in their areas of expertise, and they teach you the same skills that have made them successful.

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