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Dry Needling

Dry needling is an organized system that uses modern understanding of neuroanatomy, pain referral patterns, and the musculoskeletal system combined with needling trigger points and fascia to treat myofascial pain and dysfunction. Dry Needling also improves performance and speeds up healing. 

Dry needling is one of the most requested techniques by prospective patients. Adding dry needling to your clinical repertoire will provide you with a highly effective tool in treating MSK conditions for better results and more patient referrals.  

Dry needling is best taught by someone with thousands of hours in needling and years of experience. Our seminars are taught by Dr. Jamie Hampton, DAOM. Dr. Hampton has been using trigger point dry needling in her practice since 2006, specializing in complex, recalcitrant orthopedic conditions. She focuses on teaching dry needling from a clinical, experiential position with emphasis on application, which means students can return to their clinics and put the skills into practice right away, with confidence. 

Dry Needling Seminars

Trigger Point Acupuncture/Dry Needling 1 Upper Back, Neck, Shoulder, Head & Face

Next date TBD

Location: Tampa, FL

Description: This 3-day seminar will teach the practitioner the skills they need to implement trigger point needling, also known as dry needling. Pain science and anatomy of trigger points will be covered. To gain solid ability in using dry needling and treating trigger points in the clinic, the practitioner must have the ability to palpate, locate, and properly needle trigger points. This seminar will cover the above core skills necessary to practice dry needling and trigger point acupuncture, as well as pain referral patterns and locations of the most common trigger points of the neck, upper back, shoulder, head, and face. There will be ample demonstrations and hands-on practice. 

Trigger point Acupuncture/Dry Needling 2 The Fascia, Lumbar, Hips, & Legs

June 2nd-4th, 2023

Location; Tampa, FL 

Description: This 3-day seminar will teach the practitioner the skills they need to understand and implement trigger point acupuncture, also known as dry needling, including understanding causes of pain, causes of trigger point formation, the role of fascia, and locating and needling trigger points. To gain solid ability in using dry needling and treating trigger points, the practitioner must have the ability to palpate, locate trigger points, and needle properly and safely. This seminar will cover all of the above along with soft tissue techniques for treating pain.

Advanced dry needling

Next date TBD

Location TBD

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About Jamie Hampton, DAOM

Dr. Jamie Hampton is a doctoral graduate of The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the oldest TCM school in the US. She has worked in leading San Francisco Bay Area hospitals for the last 18 years with an emphasis on true integration and collaboration within fast paced clinical settings including the ICU. 

While Dr. Hampton was an adjunct professor at the University of California, San Francisco where she had the privilege of teaching grand rounds to medical students. This experience blossomed into a faculty position at the Acupuncture and Integrative Medical College in Berkeley, CA where she taught advanced needling technique, gynecology and advanced formula writing. This solidified her love of teaching and connecting with her students, conveying the power of acupuncture and all its abilities. She was also co-founder of Golden Leaf Acupuncture in Berkeley, CA which was University California Berkeley’s leading provider for students as well as faculty and staff.

Dr. Hampton has been practicing Dry Needling since 2006, opening one of the first Dry Needling clinics in the State of California. She has also specialized in Pelvic Floor Acupuncture since 2009.

Jamie is in private practice in San Francisco, CA where she specializes in pelvic floor disorders and complex orthopedic cases.