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The EXSTORE™ System

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EXSTORE Will Elevate Your Practice

A Complete System of Assessment & Treatment

EXSTORE is a complete, simplified, and streamlined system of physical assessment and treatment that produces fast results for musculoskeletal and pain conditions. 

Assess MSK Conditions in Under 5 Minutes

The EXSTORE system was designed for quick assessment that guides proper treatment. Choosing the correct treatment is based on the practitioner’s findings. Never will treatment be based on guesswork or point prescriptions. 

Treat More Patients in Less Time While Getting Better Results

EXSTORE treatments include motor points, electro-acupuncture, and soft tissue manual therapy. Treat more efficiently using more effective techniques.

Learn the EXSTORE system and become the best Orthopedic practitioner in your area.


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Paula Croft, L.Ac.
5025 51 Street , Barrhead, Alberta T7N 1A5, Canada
Marie-Jahelle Desjardens Acupuncteur
393 Chemin des Cascades , Plaisance, Québec J0V 1S0, Canada
Jennifer Griffiths, R.Ac
3815 Front Street Southeast , Calgary, Alberta T3M 0M2, Canada

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