Getting Started

We have 3 preferred options to help you start using EXSTORE today

Exstore is an entire system of assessment and treatment for musculoskeletal conditions including acute and chronic pain, mechanical dysfunction, sports injuries, and performance. When you learn this system in the correct way, it can be implemented quickly and with great success. 

Essentials Bundle

This package includes all the fundamentals

  • All 3 digital manuals
  • How to Take a Correct MSK Hx webinar
  • EXSTORE assessment videos
  • 40 Motor Points 
  • Soft tissue therapy videos
  • Fundamentals of EA webinar

Complete On-Line Course

All the core skills, on-line

  • Entire EXSTORE system
  • Assessment, EA, 70 Motor Pts
  • Soft tissue manual therapy 
  • 15 hours in length
  • Includes digital manuals
  • Gait analysis, bloodwork, & more

In-Person Seminar

The best way to learn the EXSTORE system

  • 3-day complete course
  • Extensive practice time
  • Numerous patient demos
  • Implement skills quickly
  • Includes digital manuals
  • Includes on-line course ($795 value)

*Next EXSTORE seminar in 2023, dates TBD

Questions on where to start? Email