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What is Locals?

Locals is a third party platform that various content providers, educators, podcasters, and others use to have their own community of learning and sharing information. Locals was developed to give these people a platform to post content without having the many issues that exist on other platforms like Facebook. It also provides a very nice look and feel that makes interacting with the content provider easy and in a familiar format.

We opted to offer a subscription community on Locals to give practitioners yet another way to get the type and amount of continuing education content they want. For many, it is a sound investment that provides them with the level of education they are looking for and cannot get online elsewhere. The reason we opted to use Locals for the subscription community is due to the features and look that Locals has, that we simply could not have built into our website.

*Please note: The Locals platform has a separate login and separate payment system. While this may be confusing, again, there is no way we could have built this platform within the website and have it look and function like the one on Locals.

What content is on Locals that makes it so different? 

The Locals community is intended to be, as Dr. Lombardi puts it, school after school. Practitioners need real-world content that is clinically focused.  Dr. Lombardi provides this on his Locals community. The community is also intended to be much more engaging and cover in depth the nuance of practicing.

Why does Locals cost money? 

On Locals, the terms subscribers and supporters are used interchangeably. That is because as a supporter, you are helping the community exist. With the additional work involved, it is not possible for the community to be provided only for free.

Most importantly, the community provides yet another way that a practitioner can obtain their continuing education and mentorship with Dr. Lombardi. 

What does a subscription to Locals get me? 

When you become a supporter of the community you get access to the complete library of webinars (37 to date), other videos, Live Labs and Q&A sessions and the recordings, and all new content which is added each month. For NCCAOM Diplomates, there is also a PDA portal where you can complete the NCCAOM coursework and get PDAs for the Locals webinars. 

You will also get 10% off all of Dr. Lombardi’s webinars on, as well as 5% off live seminars (10% starting May 1st). 

What are Live Labs? 

Live Labs provide an opportunity to bring on a patient/friend/colleague and have your techniques observed by Dr. Lombardi, so he can provide feedback and guidance. You do not need to bring a patient on to attend the live lab! They are open to all supporters who wish to learn.  Live labs also include open Q&A. 

How much does it cost?

There are two options: Monthly or Annually. Monthly is $50/month and annual is $500/year ($41.66/month).

Is there a free option?

Yes, you can be a free member on When on the news feed for Dr. Lombardi’s community, you will see posts that are blurred out and for paid supporters only. Any content that is for free members will be viewable in the newsfeed.

How do I join?

Simply go to and create an account, there will be an option to become a supporter. If you have any questions, please email us at

The Dr. Anthony J. Lombardi mentorship community on Locals is for health care practitioners who are licensed or certified to practice Acupuncture and interested in learning about Orthopedics, Motor Points and Electro-Acupuncture, EXSTORE assessment, adjunct treatments, and many other techniques. This platform will greatly enhance the practitioner’s understanding of treating MSK and pain. All content is clinically driven and used by Dr. Lombardi in his clinic. 

The Locals Mentorship community supports practitioners through:

  • Interactive news feed where supporters post case studies and other questions for Dr. Lombardi 
  • Growing library of webinars, podcasts, and videos  
  • Live Labs and Q&A sessions
  • New content every month