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Treatment of Cutaneous Scars with Electroacupuncture

In this unique webinar, Dr. Lombardi covers the treatment of scars to include physiology of scars, clinical affects scars have on function, how electroacupuncture works to treat them, physical assessment and treatment. This webinar includes lecture, demos, and hands-on practice. Enter your information below to get access! [wpforms id=”110060″] *By entering your email, you are […]

Adding Rehab to Your Treatments for Low Back Pain

In this video, Dr. Lev Furman goes over rehab exercises for low back pain patients. Rehab is easy to give to your patients for take home work that will support their treatments and help them recover faster and stronger. Don’t refer out to PT for something you can provide! Complete the form below to get […]

Electro-Acupuncture for Non-Freezing Cold Water Injury

In this video, Dr. Lombardi discusses his treatment for a non-freezing cold water injury patient. This patient completed a 12-hour trip and flew thousands of miles for treatment. After receiving electro-acupuncture he was able to make an incredible recovery and get his life back. Complete the form below to watch the webinar. [wpforms id=”109600″] *Note: […]

The Role of Acupuncture in Treating Secondary Spinal Cord Injury

In this webinar, Anthony and his patient go over how acupuncture has helped him regain function following a spinal cord injury from back surgery. Anthony will also review his treatments and the timeline of improvements. Complete the form below to gain access to the webinar. By entering your email, you are subscribing to our email […]

How to Take a Correct MSK History

One of the most crucial components of treating patients with musculoskeletal conditions is taking a correct MSK patient history.  It is at this time that the practitioner will know how to classify the patient and determine how to treat them properly. When done correctly, taking a history will result in more effective treatments, save time, […]

Motor Points Don’t Treat Pain – Here’s How to Use Them

If you are chasing pain and using only motor points, the chances are you are using motor points on the area of the body where the local pain is. When the pain doesn’t subside, you then add more and more motor point points in an attempt to find “the one” that will finally “take out […]

Explaining EXSTORE webinar with Demos

In this video, Anthony gives an overview of his EXSTORE System for treating MSK and pain using assessment, motor points, electro-acupuncture, and manual therapy. You will learn the basics of how it is applied and why it delivers such excellent results for MSK and pain patients. Includes lecture and demos. Enter your email below to […]

Video: How to Use the Pointer Plus

The Pointer Plus is an effective tool for use on motor points, resulting in activation of  inhibited muscles and restored function,  increased performance, and resolution of pain. Complete the form below to watch Dr. Lombardi’s video on how to use the Pointer Plus! [wpforms id=”97412″] *By providing your email you will be added to our […]

Introduction to Electro-Acupuncture eBook

Get our free eBook! New to electro-acupuncture? Complete the form below to download our free eBook and learn all the basics and benefits of using EA in your clinic. [wpforms id=”97132″]