Are Your Rates Too High?

One of the most common complaints I hear from practitioners is that they can’t get their patients to come in more than once per week, and therefore not able to follow their treatment plan. Their patients tell them they can’t afford it. One constant that I’ve noticed is these practitioners typically charge a follow up […]

How to Avoid Flare-Ups When Treating Musculoskeletal Pain Patients

By: Joshua Swart, Dipl. Ac. The dreaded flare-up! The patient comes in to see you to get better, and yet you managed to flare them up. Their pain got worse. They lost confidence in you and don’t want to get any more treatment. You lost a patient. It’s happened to us all, and while it […]

The Top 3 Most Important Aspects of Treating Musculoskeletal (MSK) Patients

By: Joshua Swart, Dipl. Ac. Here are the top 3 most important aspects of treating MSK patients, based on my experience as a practitioner and continuing education provider. Utilize these as guiding principles and you will be a force in treating MSK and pain! 1.  Learn skills that deliver results As acupuncturists, we all know […]