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Motor Points Don’t Treat Pain – Here’s How to Use Them

If you are chasing pain and using only motor points, the chances are you are using motor points on the area of the body where the local pain is. When the pain doesn’t subside, you then add more and more motor point points in an attempt to find “the one” that will finally “take out […]

Make sure to check for this when treating TMJ disorders!

Cervical Range of Motion & TMJ   Sure, TMJ disorders can respond very well to acupuncture. But it isn’t just needling ST7 or SI19. And it isn’t just ashi needling or needling the masseter motor point.   In fact, before you put any needles in, you should go through an assessment. How else will you […]

How to Avoid Flare-Ups When Treating Musculoskeletal Pain Patients

By: Joshua Swart, Dipl. Ac. The dreaded flare-up! The patient comes in to see you to get better, and yet you managed to flare them up. Their pain got worse. They lost confidence in you and don’t want to get any more treatment. You lost a patient. It’s happened to us all, and while it […]