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Video: How to Use the Pointer Plus

The Pointer Plus is an effective tool for use on motor points, resulting in activation of  inhibited muscles and restored function,  increased performance, and resolution of pain. Complete the form below to watch Dr. Lombardi’s video on how to use the Pointer Plus! [wpforms id=”97412″] *By providing your email you will be added to our […]

Needling Motor Points of the Peroneus Muscle

Watch this short video on locating and needling the peroneus longus and brevis motor points! Some examples of when you might use these motor points include ankle sprain (especially with off-setting frequencies), post surgery, long term immobilization (ex. cast), and more. Dr. Lombardi uses the standard inch (“) measurement to locate motor points. This is […]

Example of Using EXSTORE with Treatment

This is an abbreviated example of using EXSTORE with treatment. By providing your email, you are joining our email list. You will receive emails on new videos, free webinars, new content being released, sales, and special offers. [wpforms id=”92696″]

Location & Needling of Motor Points of the Semitendonosis Muscle

Here is a video on locating and needling motor points of the semitendonosis muscle. As you can see, Dr. Lombardi’s motor point locations are accurate and simple, no matter the size or height of the patient. To gain access, please enter the information below. By providing your email, you will be subscribed to our email […]