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Individual Webinars

Elevate your acupuncture practice with Dr. Lombardi’s webinars! Gain straightforward, easy-to-apply skills for quick and lasting results – the same skills Dr. Lombardi uses in his busy practice every day. With some 70 webinars, you will find everything you need to treat MSK-related pain, neurological issues, joint pain, and more. 

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Clinical Manuals(3)

Shipping for hard copy manuals available to the U.S. and Canada only

Discounted Bundles(11)

Bundles are a cost-effective way to build your library and become skilled at treating a vast number of MSK and pain conditions. Bundles cover an entire region of the body or a specific topic. All prices in USD.

Shorter Webinars(14)

Shorter webinar around 1 hour in length