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While trigger thumb is not as common as trigger finger, it is one of those conditions that stumps practitioners and can be stubborn. Also, the approach is similar to that used in trigger finger. In this webinar, Anthony goes through the etiology of trigger finger, anatomy involved, repetitive stress injuries, role of soft tissue manual therapy, gua sha, and electro-acupuncture protocols that can be used for trigger thumb.


  • Understand what neurogenic inflammation and neuromodulation are
  • Review repetitive stress injury and the law of repetitive motion
  • Learn the key anatomy involved in trigger thumb including finger pulleys, muscles and tendons involved
  • Understand the role of manual therapy in tissue healing and trigger thumb and keys to manual therapy
  • Review treatment protocols that can be used including gua sha, muscle release, and electro-acupuncture

Includes PPT, demo, and Q&A.

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