Website Design and SEO

Enter your email below to watch this talk on website design and SEO! Brent Mustache and Will Jo discuss why website design and SEO are so important in growing your business, including examples of what makes an ideal website and how SEO works through examples of their work. By entering your email, you will be […]

Stories of Success

In this video, Dr. Lombardi goes over different stories of some well known brands, including how they got started and the people behind them. ¬†This is a fun and light topic that will show the viewer the common qualities that result in success across all industries or professions. To gain access, please enter the information […]

Fast Functional Improvement for Trigger Finger Using Soft Tissue Work

In this video, Dr. Lombardi discusses how soft tissue work can significantly improve your clinical results. Through lecture and hands-on demonstration, you will learn the physiology of how manual work affects the tissues and promotes healing, and see how quickly it can produce results. By providing your email below, you will be added to our […]