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Treatment of Cutaneous Scars with Electroacupuncture

In this unique webinar, Dr. Lombardi covers the treatment of scars to include physiology of scars, clinical affects scars have on function, how electroacupuncture works to treat them, physical assessment and treatment. This webinar includes lecture, demos, and hands-on practice. Enter your information below to get access! [wpforms id=”110060″] *By entering your email, you are […]

Adding Rehab to Your Treatments for Low Back Pain

In this video, Dr. Lev Furman goes over rehab exercises for low back pain patients. Rehab is easy to give to your patients for take home work that will support their treatments and help them recover faster and stronger. Don’t refer out to PT for something you can provide! Complete the form below to get […]

Explaining EXSTORE webinar with Demos

In this video, Anthony gives an overview of his EXSTORE System for treating MSK and pain using assessment, motor points, electro-acupuncture, and manual therapy. You will learn the basics of how it is applied and why it delivers such excellent results for MSK and pain patients. Includes lecture and demos. Enter your email below to […]

Trigger Thumb Webinar

While trigger thumb is not as common as trigger finger, it is one of those conditions that stumps practitioners and can be stubborn. Also, the approach is similar to that used in trigger finger. In this webinar, Anthony goes through the etiology of trigger finger, anatomy involved, repetitive stress injuries, role of soft tissue manual […]

Fast Functional Improvement for Trigger Finger Using Soft Tissue Work

In this video, Dr. Lombardi discusses how soft tissue work can significantly improve your clinical results. Through lecture and hands-on demonstration, you will learn the physiology of how manual work affects the tissues and promotes healing, and see how quickly it can produce results. By providing your email below, you will be added to our […]