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Dr. Anthony Lombardi

Continuing Education

All of our premium continuing education can be implemented quickly and with a high rate of efficacy. Whether it’s in-person seminars, over 70 on-demand classes, or the mentorship community, you will find the skills you need to get outstanding results treating MSK and pain.

All individual webinars are approved for NCCAOM PDAs and will be approved for California CEUs by the end of January 2023. 

In-person seminars are approved for NCCAOM PDAs and some are approved for California CEUs. Please check each seminar for details.

Scroll down to see all of our in-person and on-demand classes. 

*All prices in USD

In-person Seminars

The best way to learn needling and other treatment techniques is in person. Our in-person seminars are packed with real-world skills, ample hands-on time, excellent student to instructor ratio, and multiple live demos. Attendees will leave with skills and knowledge they can put into practice the first day they’re back in clinic.

On-line Courses

The Complete On-Line EXSTORE course provides you with the foundations and core skills necessary to practice EXSTORE, motor points, electroacupuncture, and soft tissue manual therapy. If you can’t make a live seminar, this is the next best way to learn.


Webinar Bundles

Learn to treat large numbers of conditions based on regions  of the body, conditions, or topic. Sports bundles, back bundles, chronic pain, and more. Bundling provides you the library to learn fast – and save up to 50%. 

Individual Webinars

From back pain to concussions and Bell’s palsy to vertigo, learn to assess and treat a wide range of MSK, pain, and other conditions using electro-acuuncture, manual therapy, and more. You’ll also find practice management webinars to help you work smarter, not harder and grow your practice.

Treatment Manuals

Dr. Lombardi’s manuals provide you with a highly effective tool in your clinic for further study and quick reference.  Manuals available include motor points, manual therapy, EXSTORE assessment, and Introduction to electro-acupuncture. All manuals available in digital form, while Anthony’s motor point manual is also available as a hard copy booklet.