October 29th & 30th: Assessment & Acupuncture for Common Upper Body Musculoskeletal & Pain Conditions, Hamilton, ON


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Assessment & Acupuncture for Common Upper Body MSK Conditions

This seminar covers some of the most common upper body musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, including proper assessment and treatment using motor points, electro-acupuncture, and soft tissue techniques. Through lectures, hands-on practice, and patient demos this seminar is designed to provide clinical skills practitioners can implement easily and with a high rate of efficacy; Practitioner will be well-equipped to treat 8 different conditions with confidence and outstanding results.

Learn how to assess and treat the most common upper body musculoskeletal pain conditions you will see in your clinic! Treatments covered include motor points, electro-acupuncture, and manual therapy. There will be extensive hands-on practice so you will confidently treat these patients the day you return to your clinic.

Conditions covered in this seminar:

  • TMJ dysfunction and pain
  • Bell’s palsy
  • Neck pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Trigger finger
  • Lateral epicondylitis,
  • Peripheral nerve entrapments


  • Review important concepts including neurogenic inflammation, motor points, noxious stimuli, etc.
  • Learn the proper assesement of upper body MSK conditions
  • Learn the treatments used to treat upper body conditions
  • Practice the treatments and techniques to achieve proficiency
  • Review patient demos to learn the clinical thinking behind the assessment and treatment of specific upper body conditions

See course outline below for more details

Dates: October 29th & 30th, 2022

Times: Saturday 9:00am-5:00opm; Sunday 9:00am-4:30pm

City: Hamilton, ON

Note: This seminar is in Canada.

Venue: The Casablanca Hotel

Address: 4 Windward Dr, Grimsby, ON L3M 4E8, Canada
Phone: +1 905-309-7171

Pending 15 NCCAOM PDAs

Course Outline:

A. TMJ Lecture discussing the relevant anatomy and biomechanical function of the jaw and TMJ•Introduction of assessment and treatment protocols based on symptomatic findings•LIVE: Two phase – Assessment and Treatment of TMJ patient.•Brief lecture between the two phases of the live presentation•Lecture and demonstration of relationship outlining the TMJ to the upper cervical spine.•LIVE: Assessment & Treatment of TMJ patient with neck pain associated with cervical spine dysfunction.

B. Bells Palsy•Coverage and needling of 7 branches of facial nerve•Peripheral nerve landmarking of each branch using pointer plus•Bell’s Palsy Treatment ProtocolC. Classification, Assessment & Treatment of Neck Pain1. Pathology of Neck Pain-causes-process of pathology2. Assessment & Treatment of Neck Pain-visual inspection, physical assessment, radiology-using medium to high frequency electro-acupuncture-assistive devices, prognosisD. Assessment & Treatment of Frozen ShoulderWhat is Frozen Shoulder?•pathophysiology•causes•risk factors•anatomy of structures at playAssessment Protocol of Frozen Shoulder•GH/ST/SC ROM•cervical spine ROM•skin rollingElemental Breakdown of Treatment Protocol•skin rolling•MEP ( Mechanical Energy Pulsation)what is MEP?what are piezoelectric effects?•Radio-humeral joint releaseElectro-acupuncture•Liberating the ST (scapular-thoracic joint)•Perfusion treatment T1-T5 (lecture/demo)E.  Assessment and Treatment of Carpal tunnel, trigger finger, and lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow)1. Review of Anatomy and Function•What is the carpal tunnel?•Lateral Elbow Overview•Pulley System of Finger Joints2. Pathology and Inflammation Process of Each•Carpal Tunnel Injury•Lateral Epicondylitis•Trigger Finger3. Review of Electroacupuncture Strategies•High Frequency: Goals and Uses•Off-Setting Frequencies: Goals and Reasoning•Low Frequency Nerve StimulationReview of Anatomy and Joint Function4. Demonstration/Explanations of Treatment Protocols•Carpal Tunnel Syndrome•Lateral Elbow “Tennis Elbow” Presentation•Trigger FingerF. Peripheral Nerve EntrapmentsWhat is a Peripheral Nerve Entrapment?•physiology of peripheral nerve entrapment?•stages of nerve injury and inflammation cascade•general signs/symptoms of nerve entrapmentEach of the following entrapment sites will discuss and demonstrate the following:•How to assess respective PNE’s•How to release PNE’s using electro-acupuncture•How to release PNE’s using manual release•Learn rehab exercises to teach your patient to do at home-suprascapular nerve-axillary nerve-dorsal scapular nerve-radial nerve-median nerve-ulnar nerve

Seminar cancellation/refund policy:  

  • For cancellations 30 days or more before the seminar, a credit for a live seminar will be issued. Credit must be used within 12 months of the seminar date
  • Cancellations within 21 days or less of the seminar: No refunds or credits. However, if you test positive for COVID within two weeks prior to the seminar and submit proof/test results, a credit will be issued
  • Cancellation due to COVID: This would occur only if National, State/Provincial, or local government prevented the event from taking place and forced us to cancel the seminar. For example, due to a shut down or national travel ban. In these cases, refunds will be issued

Dr. Anthony Lombardi is a 2002 graduate of the New York Chiropractic College and McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture program in Hamilton, Ontario, and has been practicing acupuncture for 20 years. Upon graduation, he founded Hamilton Back Clinic and since then has become a private consultant to athletes in the NFL, CFL, and NHL. Over the past 19 years Anthony has given over 120,000 acupuncture treatments. In addition to practicing, Dr. Lombardi was also an instructor in the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program at McMaster University from 2004 to 2013. He developed the EXSTORE™ system, an organized system of assessment and treatment that produces fast results using motor points, electro-acupuncture, soft tissue work, and other modalities. Dr. Lombardi has a library of on-demand education that continues to grow, with some 65 webinars available covering a variety of Musculoskeletal conditions and practice management topics. He also teaches his EXSTORE™ system through live, in-person seminars throughout the U.S. and Canada. Dr. Lombardi’s mentorship community on dranthonylombardi.locals.com rounds out the many ways you can learn the EXSTORE™ system and start getting amazing results in your practice right away.

Dr. Lombardi maintains a busy practice, averaging both 150 patient visits and 12 new patients a week for over ten years.