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Stand out with an EXSTORE certification from Dr. Anthony Lombardi!

Hundreds of practitioners are using Dr. Anthony’s training in some 37 countries around the globe. However, there was no established baseline to reflect competence. This can cause problems when making referrals, as there was inconsistency in a practitioner’s degree of proficiency, application of the methods, and results. In some cases, practitioners may even use the techniques incorrectly. In turn, this can create a negative image of EXSTORE as well as reflect poorly on the practitioner.

EXSTORE is not a technique that a practitioner should dabble in and only use half-heartedly. Like any other skills, it is best when consistently applied over time. While many practitioners experience great results right away, to treat tougher, more complex patients requires continued study and use of the EXSTORE System.

To help assure a baseline of competency, Anthony decided to implement a certification process. This will allow for the following:

  • Provide Dr. Lombardi with a degree of assurance that practitioners are utilizing EXSTORE properly and delivering it safely
  • Build a referral network for certified practitioners including through the EXSTORE Directory
    • Practitioners select “EXSTORE Certified” to stand out on the directory
    • EXSTORE Certified practitioners get priority for referrals
  • Refer practitioners on the various social network forums

Furthermore, EXSTORE certification accomplishes the following:

  • You will be able to show your patients that you have obtained a level of competency and ability to properly use EXSTORE and associated techniques
  • Gives other practitioners confidence when referring patients to you
  • Separates you from others who have taken some training but may not use EXSTORE consistently or as effectively

Requirements to qualify for certification:

  • Have attended a live EXSTORE seminar in 2019 or later, or
  • Attended a live EXSTORE seminar in 2018 with additional Dr. Lombardi education (determined on a case-by-case basis)

Coursework to complete for certification:

  • Complete a written test, and
  • Complete a written case study analysis for two case studies, and
  • Complete the practical test online through Zoom in which you will upload a video of you performing the EXSTORE exam. You will also need to explain your findings and your treatment plan.

Upon completion of the above, a PDF of your certificate will be emailed to you.

*Certification is good for 5 years. After that, you will need to complete an exam to make sure that you are up on the latest information


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